Our vision is to become the largest trusted advisor in Australia



Our clients and our people are our business. Everything we do is focused on keeping our clients and our people happy. If we strive to always achieve this, our company will be a resounding success.

We do not work for clients, but work with clients in achieving all their goals and dreams.


Our vision is to become the largest trusted advisor in Australia.


The firm is founded on exceptional client service, exceptional people, exceptional training and exceptional growth. The ‘Malkoun & Associates’ culture and values are at the core of the business and all services are conducted in keeping with this culture.

Our firm will maintain the highest level of ethics and professional behaviour with consistent, honest and open communication with clients at all times.



From humble beginnings, the Malkoun & Associates brand was established in 2008. Over the years the demand for the nature of our services has seen us grow to levels which have exceeded everyone’s expectations.

We pride ourselves on offering unique service lines which compliment other service lines within the business coupled with exceptional client service and exceptional value for money.

Our focus is on our clients and ensuring that their needs are always serviced.

We go to clients and do not wait for them to come to us. We are proactive and offer easy to understand advice. Our approach is to “keep it simple” whereby ‘we do not work for our clients’, but ‘work with them’ in understanding their business and providing them with value added services which will improve their business processes, internal controls and overall profitability whilst meeting their compliance obligations.


Quality control is always our priority. Professional and Australian Standards and Ethical Regulations are adhered to at all times.

Quality control is achieved by utilising the most advanced software which is regularly updated to include amendments to reflect current/updated Legislation and Standards.

Training is an essential part of the governance and quality control policy of our firm. We always keep up to date with new and amended standards and ensure we are on top of all industry developments affecting the profession.