Providing a wide range of accounting and tax services



Our clients and our people are our business. Everything we do is focused on keeping our clients and our people happy. If we strive to always achieve this, our company will be a resounding success.

We do not work for clients, but work with clients in achieving all their goals and dreams.

Common structures we regularly establish include:

• Family / Discretionary Trusts

• Unit Trusts

• Company’s

• Self-Managed Superannuation Funds


Malkoun & Associates offers a range of taxation compliance and advisory services. We specialise in risk mitigation and tax minimisation and offer you a transparent service to ensure that your needs are always aligned with our strategies. We also provide corporate tax services which include:

• Business Tax

• Personal Tax

• Indirect Tax

• Transaction Tax

• R&D Tax and R&D Incentives

• National and State Based Taxes

• International Tax

• Transfer Pricing

• Technical Accounting Advice and Support


Malkoun & Associates offer audit and advisory services. We specialise in:

• External Audits (Statutory and Non Statutory Audits, Fraud Audits, Business Systems Audits)

• Internal Audits;

• Due Diligence Reviews;

• Agreed Upon Audit Procedures;

• Reviews of Accounting Systems,

• Operational Reviews; and

• Internal Control Reviews;

We are very hands on in your business and will work with you to achieve the desired and favourable outcomes. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and we regularly invest in infrastructure and external programs to ensure that we are always one step ahead of our competitors and are kept up to date with the ever changing reporting environment.


We understand you and that is why we understand self-managed superannuation is the way of the future. We know that the future of tomorrow begins with a single step taken today. We understand that superannuation is a complex environment which is regularly changing. That is why we provide a ‘one stop shop’ approach to all things super. We offer you the following services to ensure that all laws, regulations and requirements are met and that your ‘nest egg’ is always protected:

• SMSF Establishment;

• SMSF Administration

• SMSF Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

• SMSF Income Tax Return Preparation;

• SMSF Tax Advice

• SMSF Tax Consulting


Malkoun & Associates understand that more often than not, clients work ’in their business’ and not ‘on their business’. This can be detrimental and can often lead to failure. Without the right advice and without the proper resources, businesses can get left ‘behind’ until it is eventually too late. We offer clients a virtual CFO service and can identify risks, inefficiencies, weaknesses and opportunities in each business. Clients can tap into our knowledge bank and let us guide them through each phase of their life cycle. We perform:

• Business structuring

• Asset management

• Management of all or part of the accounting and finance role for local and parent company’s

• Board Meeting Preparation & Attendance

• Management Accounting & Reporting

• Employee payroll and remuneration packaging

• Industry benchmarking and KPI analysis

• Working capital and cash flow management

• Development of firm policies and procedures

• Profitability and Financial Analysis

• Business Feasibility Studies

• Corporate Secretarial

• Operational and IT Audits


We invest considerable time and energy in keeping up to date with Australia’s tax agenda and reforms We are proactive and come to you with likely developments and the possible impacts that those developments may have on your business.

We come to you with ideas and we keep things simple.

We provide all compliance related services including:

• Preparation of Financial Statements;

• Lodgements of Individual, Partnership, Company, Superannuation Fund and Trust Income Tax Returns;

• Lodgement of Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements;

• Preparation and Lodgement of Fringe Benefits Tax Returns;

We also provide in corporate tax services which include:

• Tax Consolidations

• Employment Taxes

• Income Tax Consulting

• Income Tax Planning;

• Indirect Tax Consulting

• International Taxation

• Transfer Pricing

• Tax Audit & Risk Management

• R&D Tax Services

• Not-For-Profit Advisory

• Tax Minimisation;

• Acquisitions & Due Diligence Reviews;

• Succession Planning


We offer a wide range of valuation services for various entities including companies and trusts. Common Valuations we specialise in are for:

• Asset Sales

• Asset Purchases;

• Estate and Succession Planning;

• Corporate Restructures;

Our valuations are prepared in conjunctions with all relevant accounting and auditing standards including, APES 225.


When you’re setting up a new business or a subsidiary in Australia, Government regulations require you to appoint a director who lives there. If you’re a private company, you’ll need at least one director residing in Australia and if you’re a public company, you’ll need at least three. This can be challenging when you’re a foreign investor with few local business contacts.

At Malkoun & Associates, we can act as a Resident Director for numerous Australian subsidiaries with head offices in countries such as the UK, USA and China. Additionally, we can help by:

• Setting up your company,

• Ensuring ATO and Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulatory requirements are adhered to;

• Setting up your accounting systems and processes;

• Providing ongoing support;

• Managing your annual compliance obligations;

• Becoming your CFO, providing ongoing accounting and tax advice;

Given the responsibilities and, sometimes, personal liability involved in offering this service, to safeguard our interests we also require from you, as owner:

• A fully executed Deed of Indemnity

• Coverage by a Directors’ and Officers’ insurance policy.


Protecting your wealth is of absolute paramount importance. If you are unsure if you are adequately protected and require any advice, we are here to help. We specialise in and or are affiliated with the right advisors to assist with the following:

• Asset Protection

• Estate Planning

• Financial advice and consultancy

• Insurance

• Loans and leasing

• Portfolio advice and management

• Retirement, superannuation and pension planning

• Wealth accumulation